This is harder than I thought. . .

So, here's the thing. I feel like I'm pretty good at dealing with people face-to-face. I can self-deprecate and make others laugh and we usually end up having a pretty good conversion. I even feel like I'm fairly interesting to others in that situation. Mostly. But how to get a conversation going online is such a mystery. My experience with Facebook is mostly just keeping in touch with friends and family, but rarely do I get an interesting thread going. And I only appeared on the "cyber belly of the underworld," as my sister calls it, to keep track of a dear friend (at first). So, I guess that's why I'm here. I want to find out what's out there. True, I have a book I'd like people to read, and I'm putting myself and my book out there because I know I have an original story and the vast majority of my readers tell me that they really like my book. But I want to talk about it! Unlike my website, you can leave comments here. I would love to hear from you:)


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