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A Hunger Games Type of Heroine?

You betcha!
And this coming from someone who's not read the book or seen the movie--yet! I really had no intention of having anything to do with either one of them. My youngest has read all three Hunger Games books and said that he really liked the first one because it was original, but fairly violent and slightly creepy. And he really didn't think much of the second and third books in the trilogy. "Way creepy, Mom. You wouldn't like them."

My husband, an avid and daily newspaper reader, usually finds extra copies of USA Today at work and brings them home. All I have to do is place them on the counter in the kitchen and when my boys sit down to fill-up their hallow legs, or ask what's for dinner, or complain about homework, or rhapsodize about video games, or horse around and try to kill each other, or to tell me for the billionth time that they're out of socks, they get distracted and magically start reading the newspaper. Funny how that works. I fell vi…

Is it Time to Mulch Already?

Can you hear my whiny voice in that? My husband said to me just the other day, "The only good thing about winter is not having to do yard work." Amen to that, honey, except, you know? I really do like to ski. Luckily, there is still a good amount in "them thar hills" and if I get there really early, the snow doesn't get mushy and feel like I'm slippin' and slidin' through a plate of mashed potatoes.

My husband is a spontaneous kind of guy. As soon as he got home from work yesterday, he offered to take me to purchase my favorite mulch, which is not located at a store nearby. You know that beautiful, aromatic stuff shoveled into flower beds? It makes the dirt look so much prettier, smells good, and actually enhances the soil and fertilizes the plants. It really is important to spread it out before the perennials start coming up because, if you don't, you pretty much have to get down on your hands and knees, make sure you don't step or kneel on…

It's that time of year . . . March Madness!

My son took it particularly hard when his favorite college basketball team lost their final game to their rival. They had a great year, a 14-2 record, losing only away games. One loss to a buzzer beater, the other loss? Well, let's just say, they deserved to lose that one and lost the chance to host the Big Sky tournament. They remain undefeated at home, and it's been so much fun to watch them play.

He's almost 14 now, but my baby boy has always loved basketball. When he was younger, he was ballboy for his team and he's gotten to know the players. They are so cool to him, bang knuckles with him, chit-chat with him, help him at their basketball camps in the summer. The power forward, whom everyone agrees is the nicest man on the planet, took time after camp one day to give my boy some pointers on his shot. When they came walking out of the gym together, both dribbling balls, I thought they could've been brothers. Well, the power forward certainly treated my boy like…