Is it Time to Mulch Already?

Can you hear my whiny voice in that? My husband said to me just the other day, "The only good thing about winter is not having to do yard work." Amen to that, honey, except, you know? I really do like to ski. Luckily, there is still a good amount in "them thar hills" and if I get there really early, the snow doesn't get mushy and feel like I'm slippin' and slidin' through a plate of mashed potatoes.

My husband is a spontaneous kind of guy. As soon as he got home from work yesterday, he offered to take me to purchase my favorite mulch, which is not located at a store nearby. You know that beautiful, aromatic stuff shoveled into flower beds? It makes the dirt look so much prettier, smells good, and actually enhances the soil and fertilizes the plants. It really is important to spread it out before the perennials start coming up because, if you don't, you pretty much have to get down on your hands and knees, make sure you don't step or kneel on any tender little shoots, and spend about 10 times longer doing the job. Did I mention how doing that bendy-over thing really hurts my back? I'd really rather just dump the bag and use the rake really fast!

It's going to be in the 60s next week. I guess I should be glad about that, but I'm contemplating having my husband home during spring break (all day) for nine straight days. Imagine my joy when he told me that we'd get to clean up the yard and do our taxes. Ugh! I do love gardening, but I like to spend my time contemplating what types of plants and colors would look nice in this pot or that flower bed.

Please don't ask me to pick up sticks and haul branches to the dump from a major wind storm, rake up all the leaves from fall that I missed, supervise my husband when he's on the roof or wielding a chainsaw (because last time he did that alone, he fell at least ten feet and broke his wrist in three places). Please don't make me stack fire wood and get the vegetable garden ready for pea planting. Let's see, what else needs to be done? Trim the bushes, fertilize the lawn and naturalized gardens, build a shed because there's not enough room in the garage (Plus, I'd really like to add a lean-to green house to the shed), do something with the north side of my driveway because it's been really ugly for years. Unfortunately, I could keep building my "outdoor chore list."

I'd much rather go hiking in Zion's. Maybe I can talk my sweetie into that. Probably not. His schedule doesn't mesh with our kids' school schedule at all. Their spring break isn't until the first week of April.

Please? Let me have a little fun? Is that whiny enough? Enjoy spring break, friends. It's beautiful out there!


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