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Pleasant Surprise

I've been thinking a lot about my oldest boy lately. He's almost 18, will graduate from high school in about a month, earned an academic scholarship to college, and he just can't wait to blow by the pop stand that is high school. Saying that he's ready to move on is a bit of an understatement. No only does he want to move on, he wants to opt out of everything that the end of his senior year has to offer. No prom, no senior cotillion, no banquets for extra-curricular activities. Shoot, if his grade didn't depend on it, he'd probably opt out of his final choir concerts as well. And this is what troubles me. I think he's making snap judgements about these activities, that in the end he will regret not having participated more in his senior year and have some fun memories to cherish--eventually.

He's a good kid. He really is, but when he was little, I used to get so frustrated with him because he was a very demanding and required a lot of interaction. Let&#…