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That Dreaded Learning Curve

Don't you hate it when you get a new phone, computer, car, I don't know, just about anything electronic and you can't use it immediately because you don't know how. It's totally frustrating because you try to run it like you did your old, out-dated, obsolete whatever-you-had and it just won't work the way you're used to. You have to take a few minutes, sit down, actually read the operating manual, and work out the finer details of operating the darned thing because of the dreaded learning curve, the transition of leaving the old behind and learning how to do something new. Basically, you have to catch up with your device.

That's how I feel about my high school graduate. I am terrified of the transition from kid to adult. I've got to catch up and, unlike the devices my husband spoils me with, I have no idea how. How do you be a good mother to grown kids? Some kids just glide right through life's adventures and seem happy enough. Others? I can jus…