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Stuck in the Middle--Don't mind the Dust. Still reworking the blog.

I'm in the middle of remodeling my son's room.

It's needed to be done for years, needed the dark maroon and gold wallpaper stripped off (Honestly, what was I thinking? I hated it as soon as I finished the job 20 years ago). Only two walls were papered, so I thought this was a project I could handle. The half-wall took me ten hours to strip--that's right--a big, fat, 10! The regular wall was not as bad as the paper came off a little more easily, but I would estimate at least five hours on that one. Due to the damage that I inflicted on the walls, it took me at least seven hours to patch and sand. I can't tell you how much I want this to be done.

But I'm not done. I still have all the painting, which is much easier except for the masking, but I keep telling myself I can handle that. Just breathe, Shantal. This, too, shall pass. And none too soon!

What bothers me about this whole dumb thing is that I feel trapped. I feel like I can't do anything else until I …