The Water is Fine

I don't love summer. I know many of you will think me completely crazy for saying so, but I just don't. I can't help it. I don't like it when it gets hot outside. It's my least favorite time of year, not only because of the stupid heat, but as a gardener, I can barely keep things alive outside. I could live quite happily in the 50-60s range of temps. Somewhere like San Francisco, with its marine environment and lovely breezes, would be perfect. I do not have to wear shorts and flip-flops all the time to be happy. In fact, I really like it when the temperatures cool down and fall fashion comes out to play. As an avid snow skiier, I'm pretty much in love with the mountains in the winter time. I have never minded shoveling the driveway, building snowmen, having snowball fights, and sledding with my kids. I am the complete opposite of my wonderful sister who prefers Florida to Utah, the likes of which I will never understand. Geez, anything over 80 and I feel like I'm baking. Seriously, I can't even sweep my floors without breaking into a ridiculous sweat dripping down my back. And just kill me when the mercury rises over 100.

The main objective was to update the room and remove the wallpaper. It took waaaay too long to do that.

Recently, I blogged about remodeling my son's room. Of course, I did that in the middle of an unusual heat wave in June and suffered greatly as the room is upstairs and I had to keep the window open to vent the fumes. No air conditioning and strenuous labor=sweat! I was very uncomfortable and unhappy during that episode of my life. In fact, I wondered why I had taken it on during the summer. A friend reminded me that we often have bursts of energy when the weather improves, and I'm sure she's right about that. That must be why I didn't have the inclination, nor the energy way back in January. I was enjoying reading a book by the fire.

The finished product. Funny, it doesn't look like a lot of work. I'm having nightmares of patching and sanding.

It's been a busy summer. My son graduated from high school with the all usual festivities, I started the room remodel, and I helped my husband and younger son with his eagle project and scout camp. Just when those activities were winding down, we went camping, which is a huge amount of work for me. Any mom knows that. Then there was the rush to get ready for a trip to Maui.

A trip to Maui, you say? Well, yes. For two weeks! 

It started off a rather bumpy because you can't start having fun until you get settled, get your groceries, etc. Plus, we had the additional problems of a lemon-of-a-lousy rental car and a condo that didn't have enough beds for my big, teenage boys. But once the problems were solved, I went swimming, and let me just say that the water was fine. I felt like all my problems just washed away back out to sea. All the stress I was feeling, all the physical discomfort I was experiencing, all the emotional anguish reeling around in my head was gone. The island of Maui has the most clear, beautiful, amazing ocean water. And it's the perfect temperature. When you wade into the waves, it feels slightly cold to your body, but then you dive through a wave and cover your whole body with that magnificent water and you feel perfectly calm and peaceful just floating like a cork on top of the waves. Which I did every day for as long as I could.

My youngest anticipating those awesome waves.

Let me tell you, it was the salve I needed this summer. I feel completely rejuvenated. Now that I'm home and facing all the usual pressures, I feel perfectly content. Somehow, I just know thinking about that water and how lucky I was to be there in the first place, makes me feel blessed and happy and ready to take on the world.


So, what have you been up to this summer? How do you deal with life's little dramas?


  1. And when you are outside reveling in the cold, my poor, contrained toes (which are miserable when they are not in flip-flops) and I think you are clinically insane. You are yin to my yang, sis. :o)

  2. That's perfect. I can definitely be in yin to your yang. Love you.

  3. Isn't Maui gorgeous? Hubby wants to go back and spend more time looking through all the art studios.

  4. Maui is the lovliest place on earth and I would go back in a heartbeat. I hope you go. I can see you strolling through paradise checking out all the galleries.


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