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Call Me Cluttered

I've been procrastinating all summer. 
I just don't want to clean out my house, but I know I really need to. Seriously, if I have the choice between cleaning out a closet and sweating to death, or lying on my soft bed with the ceiling fan circulating cool air and reading a book on a hot summer afternoon, you know where I'll be. What can I say? I'm weak that way.

But things have gotten out of hand and I really don't even know where to start. It's embarrassing, but I'm posting my mess hoping that anyone who sees the disaster of my bedroom, my bathroom, and my storage closet will give me suggestions and HELP!!! Also note that when we built the house almost 24 years ago, the floor plan did not include storage closets of any kind, except the large one near my kitchen which you'll see at the end of this post. So, the mess you see can't just be thrown in a closet (I wish!) And I was very young and just super excited to have my own house--no more apartment …