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It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Nope! Not Christmas!
The most wonderful time of the year for me is Autumn, that glorious spell when the red, orange, yellow, bronze, and even frost-nipped light green leaves explode all over the mountain sides. The apposition of those vibrant colors against an azure sky and blue spruce pines just makes me want to dance for joy. 

I know it sounds totally corny, but I am so not kidding. There is something about the season that just awakens my senses. Maybe it's because I don't sweat unless I actually try really hard (to sweat in a workout--no problemo!) There is something about jewel tones that is really attractive to me, that enliven my sense of color, and I find myself totally into seasonal decorating. I'm not usually a very good decorator--don't have enough money or time--but it's when I like my house the most. So, here's a preview of what will be coming to my place very soon. Can't wait!!

So, you Fall junkies out there, show me your stuff. I would love to…