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Throwing in the Towel

Just when I was beginning to think that blogging wasn't for me, and about to throw in the towel, I get an award for blogging. I know, right? Still scratching my head over it, but gratified all the same. I've been following "Follow Me Home" ever since shellybean started it up a few years ago. It's a blog about a lot things, but mostly about a woman's need to cherish her family and the fun things they do together, record the before and after elements of the older home she and her "man" bought a few years ago, and best of all (cuz she's awesome this way) to show off her crafting, restoring, and sewing abilities. She makes some sweet bags/purses. She's always been a constant source of inspiration to me, especially when it comes to doing cool stuff with my house. Plus, she makes great cookies, which I'm on the short list for at Christmas, so that makes me really happy.

What strikes me most about her blog is that her personality shines through…