Throwing in the Towel

Just when I was beginning to think that blogging wasn't for me, and about to throw in the towel, I get an award for blogging. I know, right? Still scratching my head over it, but gratified all the same. I've been following "Follow Me Home" ever since shellybean started it up a few years ago. It's a blog about a lot things, but mostly about a woman's need to cherish her family and the fun things they do together, record the before and after elements of the older home she and her "man" bought a few years ago, and best of all (cuz she's awesome this way) to show off her crafting, restoring, and sewing abilities. She makes some sweet bags/purses. She's always been a constant source of inspiration to me, especially when it comes to doing cool stuff with my house. Plus, she makes great cookies, which I'm on the short list for at Christmas, so that makes me really happy.

What strikes me most about her blog is that her personality shines through and she has gotten thousands of hits and a lot of followers. This is not surprising to me one bit. People love being around this girl. She is the real deal in the blogging world, and in the real world. As you can imagine, it's quite an honor for me to accept the Liebster award from her, for a new and upcoming blogger.

This might get long, but stay with me!

The rules for the award are:

1. Link back to the Nominators. You can reach their blogs by clicking on their blog names.
2. Write 11 facts about yourself.
3. Answer 11 questions given to you.
4. Pass on the award to 11 deserving bloggers (preferably those with under 200 fans) and give them 11 new questions.
5. Post your award, Link back to the person who gave it to you! Congrats!

Okay, here we go!

11 Facts About Myself . . . Hmm . . . Thinking:

1. I was born in Germany.
2. I've traveled to Italy and came to LOVE authentic Italian food.
3. I have two teenage boys who were taller than me at the age of 12. Nope, I'm not short.
4. I grew up in SoCal.
5. I was a professional model and considered one of the top ten local models for about a dozen years.
6. My favorite sport is baseball. Who knew?
7. I love the great outdoors: hiking and skiing in my mountains is exhilarating. Best drug ever.
8. I've come to love pickled asparagus canned by the Amish.
9. I love to read, read, read!
10. I'm a fair gardener.
11. Cookies are my nemesis! Love to eat them too much:)

Answer 11 Questions:

1.What was your Kindergarten teacher's name?
I should know this. All I really remember about kindergarten is being made to take "naps" and not recognizing my mother who came to pick me up from school one day in a blonde wig. She's a brunette.
2. Coffee or tea?
Neither. I chug orange juice in the morning because I'm parched when I wake up. After that, it's pretty much water. And the occasional diet coke when I've got a headache. I do love hot toddies, like hot chocolate and wassail.
3. Do you watch much TV? Favorite show?
Don't watch much TV, but I sometimes watch cop shows with my husband. Our favorite right now is Person of Interest mainly (for me) because Jim Caviezel is so easy on the eyes, it's ridiculous. I know. Probably shouldn't have said that. But, sheesh! The guy is hot.
4. What is your favorite holiday?
Can there be a favorite season? I love Fall the most. Halloween is okay. I think Thanksgiving is an important prelude to Christmas. And I do love baking and decorating and shopping and festive family get-togethers, so I'm going with Christmas.
5. Do you use Twitter or FB?
I'm still trying to figure out what a "hashtag" is. Facebook.
6. What was the make/model of your very first car?
VW bug. It almost killed me. Good story.
7. Can you drive a stick shift?
Yeah, baby! I can make them turn the corner like they're on rails!
8. Pie. What is your favorite kind?
Apple and anything chocolate.
9. What was your first job?
Working in a small cafe in the mall.
10. Mac or PC?
Apple everything
11. What's for dinner?
Well, since it's Halloween, probably chili or some sort of yummy soup served in a small pumpkin.

Here are my 11 questions for future Liebster recipients:

1. Why did you begin blogging?
2. What do you think you do best?
3. Favorite place in the world?
4. Dream destination? (money is no object)
5. Favorite food?
6. Who is your hero? Why?
7. Favorite book, movie, or song?
8. What is your favorite hobby besides writing?
9. What was your favorite thing to do as a kid?
10. If you've got about an hour of free time, what are you likely to do?
11. Can you imagine life without computers? Would you like it?

That was fun! Thank you, shellybean! So, my blogging friends, you will hear from me soon!

Happy Halloween!!!


  1. Congrats to you on your award, and thank you for the much-too-kind words :) Have fun passing the Liebsters along to your blog friends; it really is a wonderful experience.

    People ask what category my blog should be in? I just say, "Chalk it up to an unorganized life." It's fun to see how people describe it. One lovely lady said, "Just 'follow her home' already. ;P

    Keep blogging. It's better than a diary.

  2. That's right. Just "follow her home already!" I agree. I'm not sure what category mine fits under either. One lady told me that the blog can't just be about the book, it's got to be about you, too. Okay, okay. Working on it.


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