Thoughts on Thanksgiving

Well, it's this week.


That holiday that really just gets in the way of all this early Christmas celebrating. I grew up in SoCal and I honestly don't remember the desire among friends and neighbors, or even stores for that matter, to jump on the Christmas band wagon, even before Halloween. I've got to admit, when I see Santa stuff on display before Halloween, I get a little ornery.

As many of you know by now, Fall is my favorite season and I always try to relish it to the bitter end of Thanksgiving weekend. (Nope, I don't shop for Black Friday deals, either. I'd rather be warm and snug as a bug in bed:) When everyone else has had their Christmas lights shining bright since the first of November, I'm the rebel in the dark corner of the cul de sac defiantly holding out until Thanksgiving is over and we've eaten the last slice of homemade pumpkin pie.

Thanksgiving Day about 8 years ago. Seriously, what's not to love about that?

Back when my baby loved to help me rake the leaves. Funny how teenyboppers change:)

Several years ago, my neighbor, one of the loveliest women on the planet, had her sons put up their Christmas lights before my birthday (which is also this week~thank you very much) and I couldn't fathom it. My birthday is in the middle of Fall, not in the middle of Christmas.

Don't get me wrong. I love Christmas. 

I love filling my house with the Christmas spirit; baking cookies and giving gifts and wrapping presents and listening to music and doing all kinds of festive things with my family. My favorite activity is to decorate the tree with my sons who turn into little boys when we bring up the boxes of ornaments from the basement and turn on the music. They are silly, silly, silly, and I love every minute of it. We've been blessed with some truly gifted singers in our family and it's always a joy to go to their concerts and hear many beautiful, youthful voices raised up in song about the birth of the Savior. I cry every time.

I think I understand the reasons why people start celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving. It's because they enjoy the season so much that they want to take advantage of it for as long as possible, to enjoy the music and the lights and opportunities to gather with friends and family. Seriously, who has a free weekend anymore once the Christmas parties start rolling? Or even a free weeknight? Most families have a very long list of the traditions that are important to them, and by darn, you've got to schedule early.

Then there's the shopping. There are plenty of reasons to start early on that. No argument there. Just ask my son who's the owner of a brand new, amazingly awesome Martin guitar. Hey, there was a sale. I saved $600 bucks. You gotta do what you gotta do, right? Luckily for me, there will be little else under the tree for him. But the mom in me will probably forget all about that fancy guitar just so I can see the expression on his face when he opens gifts on Christmas morning. What can I say? I'm a pansy.

So, tell me friends. How early do you start celebrating Christmas? Have I got it right or wrong?

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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