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Holiday Whimsy

Driving home from work one night many years ago, I could see lights burning bright through the windows of my nearly-finished house from the highway. I knew that the rest of the contractors were mostly done, so the fact that I could see my new house all lit up from the road meant that the electricians had installed the light fixtures!!! The paint was done, and the carpet, even the cabinets. The lighting had been one of the very last things to do before we could move in. Smiling from ear to ear, I pulled into the driveway and ran into the house, up the stairs, into each room, and spun with my hands out like Julie Andrews at the beginning of The Sound of Music. I could not have been more overjoyed.

Sadly, that euphoria did not last long. 
Once we moved in, I realized how many rookie mistakes I'd made. Seriously, I must've answered every single question that every one of those sub-contractors asked me WRONG! In my defense, I was 24 and knew NOTHING about this process. Of course, I …