I'm Doing This Stuff in 2013!

It's a simple little thing, but one that I think will work for me. In fact, I've already got three little pieces of paper to put into it. What I like about this is that I'm on the look-out for good things that happen in my life to place in my jar. Hopefully, that means that I'm on the hunt for good, wonderful, positive things and not negative things.

Cuz, I'm kind of that way~negative. I know it doesn't sound right. I'm usually a fairly cheerful person, but man, sometimes when I'm alone I can let the pity party come out to play and I really don't like that about myself. In fact, I've realized that this last year particularly, I focused on the negative elements in my life rather than focusing on all of my many, many blessings.

I am sooooo done with that.

From yesterday I wrote, "I got a lot done today and that makes me happy. Dusted and vacuumed, did laundry and finished writing chapter 10" (of my new book~half way done, baby). I always feel good when I can look at my day and see that I've accomplished more than I thought was possible.

From last night, my son wasn't sure if he really wanted to go to an all-area youth dance for New Year's Eve and said, "This confounded social life." The kid just cracks me up. I mean, it's such a horrible thing to have friends when you're almost 15. Yikes! Did I say almost 15??? He's my baby. I think I'll take the next few months nice and slow. He does not need to a have a learner's permit. No, he does not:)

From today I wrote, "Bought lots of fruits and veggies today which I'm actually excited to eat. Even made bread. Hey, this could become a habit." Which brings me to my next, much bigger resolution for the new year. My family has a tendency not to eat that well, which really bugs me because I have tried to teach my boys to make healthy choices. They just don't and so I know it is up to me to make sure that they get the nutrients they need. As for myself, I don't make the best choices sometimes, which is part of why I get down on myself. I want to be healthy and fit and strong as I become an old lady. It's just not possible to be all of those things if I'm grazing on crap. So, let the 40's make-over begin. Too bad I only have one year left to complete it. Sometimes, I am such a dope!

There are other things I want to improve on, like spend 20 minutes first thing everyday working on productivity (aka my new book which I'm calling The Miracle for now) before I open email or Facebook. I think it's important for my mental health to ski at least once a week, and I want to date my husband a whole lot more. And those are resolutions I can keep!

What are you doing for yourself in the new year to be healthy and happy? I'd like to know. Leave me a link and I will drop by.


  1. I made bread today, too. :o)

    We are doing a slight variation on this. We are doing a kindness jar, because my kids are very close to me throwing in them in a steel cage for their final death match. I swear, if one kid said the sky was blue her sister would say it was green just for the heck of it.

    So...yeah. Kindness jars. When someone does something nice for us, we put it in there. At some point we will take them out and read the nice things we do for each other. I hope this will help us have a more positive spirit in the house.

  2. I love the jar idea! I'm trying that too. Good luck on you're new year and new goals!

  3. Enter sheepish grin. I got this idea from you on Facebook, Wendy:)


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