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I know I'm supposed to like blogging, (everybody's doing it, right?) but this stuff just makes me nervous.  Writing a book~no problemo. In fact, call me crazy, but that's the fun part. Piecing a story together, breathing life into characters, and making them talk (Yes, I do hear voices in my head when I'm writing). Getting people interested in me by blogging and then my book by association is much, much harder. Maybe it's a generation gap. I'm still trying to figure out why I suffer from such discomfort about this. Anyone know a therapist?:)

A sweet, wonderful new friend of mine (and fellow writer), Wendy Knight, recently tagged me in her blog. She's absolutely darling, has the cutest online presence, and she writes these really riveting YA novels about teenyboppers with incredible powers called Fuedlings. I've been lucky enough to be a beta reader for these books and they are fun. Lots of magical powers, romance, and teen angst~all of the elements that make this genre so popular. I think the first in the series will be available next month from Astraea Press. Check her site to verify.

So, for fun and to give people who visit my blog a chance to know me better (thank you for dropping by, btw:), I will play this game. Deep down, somewhere, something is telling me this is kind of exciting. Yeah, yeah, it's definitely happening. Okay, seven random facts about me. My oldest son laughed annoyingly out loud when I asked him what he thought. "Sorry, mom, but you are NOT  random." Thanks for that, bud. Nothing like being boring and predictable. However, he did mention two things that surprise his friends about me.

1. His friends are generally quite shocked when they find out how old I am.
2. His friends can't believe that I also teach college (I pick up the occasional adjunct gig). Hubby is a history prof.
3. I've traveled to Italy and came to LOVE authentic Italian food. Heading back to Europe is definitely on my bucket list.
4. I managed wardrobe for two big high school musicals. Yep, my boys are song-and-dance men. More to come, I'm sure.
5. I love winter, mostly because summer is too hot and requires all kinds of work. Hiking and skiing in my mountains is exhilarating. Best drug ever.
6. Asparagus is like candy to me. In fact, I've come to love pickled asparagus canned by the Amish.
7. My kids tell me I make a wicked panini. I don't think they ever discovered the artichoke hearts:)

Check out my online friends who have been very supportive and encouraging to me. And yes, both are very fine writers.

Erin Ann McBride
Juli Caldwell


  1. How fun. You love winter? I usually don't mind it because I love having four seasons, but this winter is kicking our tushes.

  2. I like Winter a lot better when it's snowy and then sunny, bright and glittery. You're right. This winter has been a tough one.


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