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That's right. I'm writing about Zombies. I'm as unlikely a person to discuss Zombies as there is. Just ask my boys. When they see this, they're going to laugh their guts out. Yeah, yeah, pun intended.

I didn't realize that this Zombie phenomenon had totally pervaded our culture until I saw my nephew, who is only three, do a very good impression of a Zombie. With his chubby arms stretched out, he limped and groaned and grunted, better than the ones I've seen stumbling around on TV. Seriously, the kid has potential for the "thee-a-ter." It's not like he's dramatic or anything. Uh-oh Hiatt Family, it looks like we have spawned another one:)

 It settled on me slowly, but I think I finally began to notice how serious this is when the cutest lady I know on FB started "zombifying" pictures of herself and posting them. You know, the kind with her eyes popping out and blood oozing from her cheeks and skeleton teeth. Seriously, why would an…