That's right. I'm writing about Zombies. I'm as unlikely a person to discuss Zombies as there is. Just ask my boys. When they see this, they're going to laugh their guts out. Yeah, yeah, pun intended.

From the Huffington Post
I didn't realize that this Zombie phenomenon had totally pervaded our culture until I saw my nephew, who is only three, do a very good impression of a Zombie. With his chubby arms stretched out, he limped and groaned and grunted, better than the ones I've seen stumbling around on TV. Seriously, the kid has potential for the "thee-a-ter." It's not like he's dramatic or anything. Uh-oh Hiatt Family, it looks like we have spawned another one:)

 It settled on me slowly, but I think I finally began to notice how serious this is when the cutest lady I know on FB started "zombifying" pictures of herself and posting them. You know, the kind with her eyes popping out and blood oozing from her cheeks and skeleton teeth. Seriously, why would an attractive lady do that to herself? So, I asked her and she said, "Don't you watch The Walking Dead?" It's one of the most popular shows on TV right now, right? I have to ask because I really don't know. Well, my kids do. I've watched over their shoulders a couple of times and I have to say those Zombies don't seem very threatening to me. A little scary looking, but nothing major. So, why is the public so enthralled? Apparently, viewers are hypnotized with stories of the survivors, which I guess I can see. Maybe a little. *Sighs grudgingly*

Still, I can't wrap my mind around the whole Zombie thing. I get squeamish just thinking about blood and gore, or flesh falling from one's bones, let alone see it on a screen. I guess it's rather obvious that I could never be a doctor or nurse. I really do have to turn my head when I see someone approaching with a needle. And the sound effects. Ugh! That whole glurting, spurting, ripping bone and flesh apart from the joint sound. My gag reflex is already working over time here, folks. I'm sure you can see what a sacrifice it is for me to write about such a thing.

So, what's the deal, friends? Why are Zombies so huge right now in our consciousness and in our culture? Why do some really freakin' crazy people think Zombies actually exist and some literally eat human flesh? Now, I'm going to puke. Follow this link to a great article at the Huffington Post about Zombies.


I think I know what avenues opened up for all the interest in the macabre. Harry Potter innocently led the way with magic and magical creatures (which I still think stands in a league all by itself), then Twilight snagged all those HP readers who had grown up, but those magical creatures had become much darker and more sensual, and now Zombies. . . I don't get it. I'm ready for the phenomenon to pass.

Comments please. Do I have a Zombie chasing me up the wrong tree?


  1. Ahhh! You wrote about zombies! Hee hee :) I'm in the tree with you. I do not love this zombie craze. Someone kill them all, already!


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