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Waiting Fate by W.B. Kinnette~A Review

Lately, I've gotten to write about some really neat books and now I'm at it again. This time for a friend of mine who is an absolutely stellar writer. She's got some hot stuff rising on the Amazon charts, but I can't divulge her true identity. W.B. Kinnette is a pen name and her super hero identity, she tells me, because writing under a pen name is (apparently) an exercise in complete freedom. I think I need to try it sometime.

Waiting Fate begins with a great escape. That's all I'll say about it because it sets up the rest of the book beautifully. Then it chronicles the experiences of a young woman starting her life over and how hard, but satisfying that experience can be. Of course, there is a good-looking guy who's crushed on her since about the third grade, so Waiting Fate details their friendship and sweet love story. He's romantic, protective, and tries to take care of her. To me, there is nothing more amazing (and romantic~trying not to say it too…

Something Sweet for Mother's Day

I know I've done it before, taken my mother for granted. 
Of course, I've never meant to take her for granted, but life has a way of grabbing you right by the solar plexus and pulling you into everything that comes along: college, work, marriage, kids, volunteering. It doesn't happen that way for everyone or in that order, but life gets busy! So busy at times I have greeted guests to my house in my pajamas and realized I'd forgotten to brush my teeth. Yeah, there was spinach or something caught in there. My first baby (who is almost 19) was a projectile spitter-upper. As a nursing mother in the first weeks of his life, I spent those days trying to figure out what I should eat that would not make him puke. There is definitely a delicate balance to this. And cleaning everything up! Ugh! Carpet, furniture, and there were never enough baby clothes, so I did tons of laundry everyday. Why do people come to visit women who've just had a baby? Some days, it's just not…