Something Sweet for Mother's Day

I know I've done it before, taken my mother for granted. 

Of course, I've never meant to take her for granted, but life has a way of grabbing you right by the solar plexus and pulling you into everything that comes along: college, work, marriage, kids, volunteering. It doesn't happen that way for everyone or in that order, but life gets busy! So busy at times I have greeted guests to my house in my pajamas and realized I'd forgotten to brush my teeth. Yeah, there was spinach or something caught in there. My first baby (who is almost 19) was a projectile spitter-upper. As a nursing mother in the first weeks of his life, I spent those days trying to figure out what I should eat that would not make him puke. There is definitely a delicate balance to this. And cleaning everything up! Ugh! Carpet, furniture, and there were never enough baby clothes, so I did tons of laundry everyday. Why do people come to visit women who've just had a baby? Some days, it's just not pretty.

As my kids got older, I was deeply involved in volunteering at the public schools. I've always believed that if we want our schools to be what we what we expect, then we have to be willing to sacrifice some of our time and effort to make them that way. I loved having children in elementary school. It's a great stage of life for a mother. You don't have to do the overwhelming baby stuff anymore, but the kids are still little and cute, are learning so much and generally want to please their parents and teachers. I have very fond memories of reading to/and with my kids (and many other kids) in the classroom, playing games, singing songs, actually teaching English and History, running reading challenges, and spending two years as executive VP on the PTA board. I've even branched out and managed wardrobe for two very big high school musicals. Talk about time-consuming jobs. Sheesh!

And now? Well, who ever said that having teens was easy or less time-consuming?;) I'm also very busy with my writing and reading for critique groups and trying to understand the hows and whys of blogging and Twitter:) In addition, I love to garden and I spend most of the month of May planting flowers and vegetables. I do this almost every day and it gets exhausting, even for a flower girl like me. By the end of the month, I am so done! But I get to watch everything grow all summer, which is totally worth it to me.

 And my mom, bless her heart, has been right where I needed her to be for every stage of my life, whether it was in the middle of the fracas or on the fringes offering moral support. She taught me good manners, and I know I've always said thank you, so I haven't taken her for granted that way. But here's the thing: she's getting older and I know I don't call or go to see her nearly as much as I should. While I've been busy watching my sons grow to manhood, I should've noticed that my mother was growing into a certain phase of life, too. One that takes her a little bit farther away from me.

My cute parents

And that's what this sweet little story is about--helping us remember what it truly important in our lives.

I was delighted to read it. I just checked Amazon and it's getting wonderful reviews. So, if you'd like to get something truly inspirational and uplifting for Mother's Day for yourself or your precious mom, then this is your ticket. Enjoy, friends AND love your mothers!!!


  1. Sounds wonderful. I lost my mother when I was 14, so all those important mother/daughter days I never had.

    1. I did not know that about you, Donna. Breaks my heart:(

  2. This is awesome, Shantal! Thanks for "hosting" my book.

    1. You're welcome. It was absolutely my pleasure. I think your book did its job for me. I couldn't read it without realizing things happening in my own life.

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