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It's Summer Time

I always get a little sad when Spring ends. With its sunny blue-bird days, perfect temperatures and pretty spring flowers (and multiple trips to the nursery for planting:), I could live in spring-induced state forever. But summer is here and, surprisingly, I'm not sad.

I think it's because I've had some wonderful experiences that I will always associate with summer. So, when it gets too hot and I'm melting and I'm doing everything I can just keep my wilting plants alive in 100 degrees, I will remember that life just ain't all that bad;)

My husband took our older son on a business trip with him to Boston and New York. He suggested that I take our youngest son to Busch Gardens in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. At first, I resisted the idea. I haven't traveled alone for years and when I did, it certainly didn't involve driving. I can do public transportation pretty well, but the thought of driving from the airport to the hotel just scared the beejeebe…

This YA Paranormal Novel Will Get You Hooked

Let me just say that young adult books are not my favorite genre--at all!
So, why am I writing this post? Good question. I will read the occasional YA novel if I hear it's absolutely out-of-this world amazing, and if I know it has cross-over appeal. Harry Potter comes to mind and Fuedlings by Wendy Knight also tugged at my heartstrings, but normally I stay away. With what I'm reading lately, I could be a grade-schooler having to read my 10th magical juvenile novel where monsters attack in museums and parks and subways and busy city streets and historical landmarks wreaking all kinds of havoc on mankind. And no one notices. It's so weird. It's so out of the realm of possibility for me that I can't turn off my "believability" button, even for pure escapist therapy. Sometimes, when I read a YA novel, I feel like I'm in the middle of a really bad B-movie. And they're almost all like this. Seriously, we need to think out of the box. Someone, please com…