This YA Paranormal Novel Will Get You Hooked

Let me just say that young adult books are not my favorite genre--at all! 

So, why am I writing this post? Good question. I will read the occasional YA novel if I hear it's absolutely out-of-this world amazing, and if I know it has cross-over appeal. Harry Potter comes to mind and Fuedlings by Wendy Knight also tugged at my heartstrings, but normally I stay away. With what I'm reading lately, I could be a grade-schooler having to read my 10th magical juvenile novel where monsters attack in museums and parks and subways and busy city streets and historical landmarks wreaking all kinds of havoc on mankind. And no one notices. It's so weird. It's so out of the realm of possibility for me that I can't turn off my "believability" button, even for pure escapist therapy. Sometimes, when I read a YA novel, I feel like I'm in the middle of a really bad B-movie. And they're almost all like this. Seriously, we need to think out of the box. Someone, please come up with a new plot line! Like I say, just not my thing, so I really shouldn't be talking about this genre at all. 

However, this is one of those exceptions.

I think the thing that really drew me into this book are the characters. They are so richly drawn and have such a unique voice all of their own that I was anxious to turn pages just to hear how they would respond to a certain situation or what they would say. They have such interesting backgrounds and such troubles, that I was routing for them from the beginning, flying through the pages anticipating what could possibly happen next. I never knew what was going to happen. In addition, the writing is truly outstanding and Caldwell does a great job setting up intensity in her scenes. And, Malus. Oooo! I can't wait to see how Aisi will one day destroy him. That, of course, will be in her next novel:) So, definitely put this one on your Kindle. You won't be sorry.

Psyched by Juli Caldwell is now available! 

You can find it on Amazon, and look for it soon in paperback!

So far, great reviews for Psyched!

"This is one of those books you just can't put down. What I love about Psyched in addition to a great, spooky story is strong characters and narrative voice. Aisi is the most awesome chick, strong-willed, sassy, and deals with some crazy stuff happening with a spunkiness that I loved... Psyched is well-written, riveting, surprising and genre-busting. Teens will love this book, but it definitely has a more wide-ranging appeal."


"Aisi Turay is one awesome girl. She has power to see the in their souls...This is a great read, filled with suspense. I NEVER knew from one chapter to the next what was happening. It is well written and a very enjoyable...and a bit scary!"

Psyched is part ghost story, part suspense, part demon-hunting thriller, part budding romance, the story of a girl named Aisi who's doing her best to keep it together for her wreck of a family. She is smart, sassy, and sarcastic enough to keep things interesting. When she meets Vance on the single worst day of her life, she finds a guy who just might be the first person ever to get her, to believe in her, and to out-random her with bizarre observations at the worst possible moment. There's just something about him that she knows she can trust.

Together, Aisi and Vance wander through the memories of others to unlock the secrets of her past while battling a demon who wants to ensure she never finds what she's looking for. Aisi vanquishes demons all the time, but Malus Indolus is too strong. And he has plans for her...and her family.

Psyched is Juli's second novel, the first as an indie writer, and her first experiment with her true love as a reader: paranormal fiction. Her debut novel Beyond Perfection is also available.

You can find Juli on her webpage, Twitter, Facebook,  and blog.


  1. This sounds awesome. Added it to my wish list.

  2. You're the best, Donna. I do think you will enjoy it, even though she's my sis;) We need to get her into iwrite:) Or is she already?


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