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More Love--For an Audiobook

As an indie author, I've given little thought to making an audio book. In fact, the whole idea kind of overwhelms me, but my friend Donna Weaver has not only written an action/adventure romance (stayed up waaay too late when I was on vacation in Tampa reading this one), but got the book on tape, too! Kudos to you, my friend! What's scary about that possibility for me in the future is, what if I hate the way the actor voices my characters??? Having spent a dozen years in the acting and modeling business, I've become rather picky about such things. I suppose I will cross that bridge when I come to it:) I know that's not a problem here at all. I've heard Donna mention on FB and other places how pleasantly surprised she is at how well the actor portrays all the characters. So, if you enjoy audiobooks, you won't want to miss this one.

 Here's another thing you should know about this blog post. And it's a little embarrassing. I am so not a techie, not that yo…

It's Time to Share the Love

One of the best things about trying to find an audience for your book is the chance to meet other authors. Here's the crazy thing, I never anticipated that I would ever cross paths with this particular wonderful, amazing author--Mercedes Murdock Yardley. She's writes in a genre that I don't often read, and I'm not sure why. Because I really do enjoy dark stories. My favorites in college were Nathaniel Hawthorne and Edgar Allen Poe. What's not dark about that? I adore romance, adventure and drama. I know she's got all that going on. I even got to do a book signing with her.

I have a friend who has the most adorable set of puppy dog eyes (you know who you are:), and she convinces me to do things in the writing world that I just would never do--never. I just can't say no to her:) In fact, she has just pulled me into her little writing universe and said yes to reading my WIP, got me into a critique group, invites me to writing retreats. She's a gem. Anyway…

Another Wonderful Book from Wendy Knight

I am one happy girl to blog about this wonderful writer and her new book. Wendy is simply amazing. I'll try not to get sappy, but she is doing great. Check out her author page on FB: "Feudlings in Sight is #55 on the Amazon Hot New Releases list for Teen and Young Adult ebooks! Wahooooo!!! ‪#‎aprocks ‬

Buy Fuedlings in Sight at Amazon

It's only .99 cents.

Buy Fuedlings in Sight at Barnes and Noble

Astraea Press is celebrating their first cover reveal; Wendy Knight's Fate on Fire novella, Feudlings in Sight! Available Thursday on Astraea Press, Amazon, and all other major ebook retailers!

I love the cover!!! Fantastic. I'm almost done with my new book and I wonder how these ideas come together for a beautiful book cover. So, kudos to your designer, Wendy!
Blurb: Boys of war suck at romance. Charity Delyle has lived in the shadow of her Prodigy cousin and his powerful Guard since the day she was born. And she doesn’t mind—reall…