It's Time to Share the Love

One of the best things about trying to find an audience for your book is the chance to meet other authors. Here's the crazy thing, I never anticipated that I would ever cross paths with this particular wonderful, amazing author--Mercedes Murdock Yardley. She's writes in a genre that I don't often read, and I'm not sure why. Because I really do enjoy dark stories. My favorites in college were Nathaniel Hawthorne and Edgar Allen Poe. What's not dark about that? I adore romance, adventure and drama. I know she's got all that going on. I even got to do a book signing with her.

I have a friend who has the most adorable set of puppy dog eyes (you know who you are:), and she convinces me to do things in the writing world that I just would never do--never. I just can't say no to her:) In fact, she has just pulled me into her little writing universe and said yes to reading my WIP, got me into a critique group, invites me to writing retreats. She's a gem. Anyway, she's asked me to do all kinds of things that take me completely out of my comfort zone, like book signings, but that's how I got to meet Mercedes. Here we are last July. What a pleasure and so much fun to work with women who are absolute treasures.

Juli Caldwell author of Psyched, Mercedes author of Beautiful Sorrows, Me author of Agency, and Wendy Knight author of Fuedlings and Fuedlings in Sight.

So, I am happy and pleased and honored to tell everyone in the world (well, whoever reads this blog--I'm grateful for you, btw:) that Mercedes has written a new novella and I can't wait to read it. Here's the cover reveal: It's fantastic. I love the title and the descriptions--very clever. Even the little ditty about the author herself is gripping.

Because Mercedes needs coverage for her launch (every writer does), I am happy to help. I am sharing the love with all of you. And I'll have something else for you tomorrow. Stay tuned.


  1. Isn't it awesome what a wonderful community it is? I certainly appreciate being able to call you friend! That cover totally rocks!

  2. Thanks, Donna. It's been so fun for me to become acquainted with you and so many others. And they are all so nice and supportive. How does that happen nowadays?


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