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A Little Diddy About My Boy

In a previous post, I mentioned that my son left on a mission for the LDS church. Having spent only 12 days in the MTC, he his now serving in Australia. If it hadn't been two of the hardest weeks of my life, I'd say, "Wow, that went fast." Well, because it did. It just didn't seem fast to me because I missed him so much. The adjustment has been hard.

Letting go of my son has been a tremendous sacrifice for me. I guess it's because I realize that when I sent him off, the family life that I've spent almost 20 years cultivating and nurturing is gone. It won't ever be the same. He'll come home a perfectly competent adult (at least, that's the hope:) and be a big part of our lives, but he will undoubtedly move on with the next phase of his life. And that's okay, too. I'm happy for him. We raise them to leave, don't we?

In honor of the boy I've been thinking about non-stop, here are few pics that make me smile.

Here we are the day he…

1st Author Highlight--J.R. Simmons!

Remember my last post when I said I was going to highlight local authors? Ta-dah! Here's the first one. If you're interested in reviews of books I've read, find me on Goodreads!
I am pleased and excited to introduce J.R. Simmons.
His debut novel Ragesong is an elementary reader for grades 4-6. Although, I imagine that kids in junior high would enjoy it, too. Please support our local authors and spread the word. 
You wrote Ragesong pretty fast. What's your writing routine?
To be honest, I don't have one.  Since I have little kids at home, it is more a matter of simply finding the time to sit down and write whenever I get the chance.  Most of my writing time is at night after the kids are in bed.  My wife likes to unwind by watching TV, so it gives me a chance to sit down for an hour or two and write.  The only consistancy I have in my writing right now is that I always have music playing while I am writing (more on that later).

Do you outline the plot first or just ju…

Just Been Wondering. . .

That's Right! 
 I've been wondering . . . what is this blog really about?
Yes, I wrote a book that I would love for people to read. My debut novel Agency is a modeling/romance adventure about reaffirming faith. It's edgy and has a little salty language. To me, that's how real life is--challenging. 
But I'm finding that people on the internet get kind of annoyed if you're constantly pimping your product. They seem to be more interested in the person behind the product. What? Whoa, really? Can't I just step behind some thick drapes and let people look at my book and read the blurb and decide for themselves if it's something they'd like to read? 
Aside from the fact that I wrote a book (and another one which is currently undergoing editing and the publishing process), what is this blog about? The only answer can be me. Oh, dear. I'm still just peeking out from behind the drapes on this stuff. 
Here are some things about me should probably know if we&…