A Little Diddy About My Boy

In a previous post, I mentioned that my son left on a mission for the LDS church. Having spent only 12 days in the MTC, he his now serving in Australia. If it hadn't been two of the hardest weeks of my life, I'd say, "Wow, that went fast." Well, because it did. It just didn't seem fast to me because I missed him so much. The adjustment has been hard.

Letting go of my son has been a tremendous sacrifice for me. I guess it's because I realize that when I sent him off, the family life that I've spent almost 20 years cultivating and nurturing is gone. It won't ever be the same. He'll come home a perfectly competent adult (at least, that's the hope:) and be a big part of our lives, but he will undoubtedly move on with the next phase of his life. And that's okay, too. I'm happy for him. We raise them to leave, don't we?

In honor of the boy I've been thinking about non-stop, here are few pics that make me smile.

Here we are the day he left. He had a pretty easy smile on his face when he took pics with us. The pics of him alone show some anxiousness. But who wouldn't feel that? Leaving your life behind for two years is HUGE!!!

Here he is with my brother when he got home from his mission. My sweet boy looked up to his uncle so much. Literally:) 
Luckily, my brother was able to meet him at the airport before he boarded for Australia. My son got to use his his phone to call us one more time. That was nice. (I know. Selfish motive, right? Yeah, you'd do it, too;) As you can see, they're still very good friends. I'm not sure if you can see it, but I think he's showing a lot of nervous energy in that smile before getting on that plane for Down Under.

Hasn't changed much, has he? He's always been very exuberant, loud, noisy, and big as the world. He's the kind of kid who walks through the door and his personality fills the house to the rafters. He's been difficult in some ways, but also persistent, talented, sweet, funny, smart and hard-working. I call him my spirited child. And like every other child, he's a gift to the world. I am absolutely, positively jealous of the people he will encounter in Australia. He's gonna knock your socks off!


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