Just Been Wondering. . .

That's Right! 

 I've been wondering . . . what is this blog really about?

Yes, I wrote a book that I would love for people to read. My debut novel Agency is a modeling/romance adventure about reaffirming faith. It's edgy and has a little salty language. To me, that's how real life is--challenging. 

But I'm finding that people on the internet get kind of annoyed if you're constantly pimping your product. They seem to be more interested in the person behind the product. What? Whoa, really? Can't I just step behind some thick drapes and let people look at my book and read the blurb and decide for themselves if it's something they'd like to read? 

Aside from the fact that I wrote a book (and another one which is currently undergoing editing and the publishing process), what is this blog about? The only answer can be me. Oh, dear. I'm still just peeking out from behind the drapes on this stuff. 

Here are some things about me should probably know if we're going to have any kind of relationship:)

1) Family is my world, with friends not far behind. Their importance in my life is like horses racing neck and neck for the finish line, one not far behind the other. I can't imagine trying to stumble through life without loved ones to help get me through, or to laugh at my sorry behind, whatever the case may be.

2) Writing is like oxygen to me. It's absolutely something I must to do to function properly in my life. It hasn't always been this way. I grew up voraciously reading everything I could get my hands on because my brother (sorry, bro--love ya;) hogged the only TV in the house. The ability to focus and work hard on my studies got me through my B.A. and Master's in English. When my children came into the world, reading was an absolute must. Love my dear boys, but I had to do something while they were in the tub or watching Thomas the Tank Engine for the billionth time. Then I realized as much as I loved reading stories, that I had stories to tell, too. I got brave, sat down and started writing.

3) I just sent my son on a mission for the Mormon Church. Dropped. Him. Off. YESTERDAY! I knew a forced separation would be hard, but it's much harder than I ever imagined. While I know that this is the best thing for him and for the people he will help while he is gone for two years, I feel numb. My husband assures me that this behavior is a defense mechanism, an unwillingness to admit my true feelings. He tells me I'm like a house of cards waiting to fall. To be honest, I do feel like I'm teetering on the edge. . . So, if I seem like a basket case, you know why:)

4) Fall is my favorite season, and it's here! Yay! There is a storm ripping through my neighborhood right now, chasing away the unbearable heat of this ridiculously long summer. And I'm smiling. Spring is a lovely time of year. As a gardener, I couldn't be happier when the earth comes back to life. But there is just something about Fall; the colors, the festivities, snuggly warm clothes and fancy high-heeled boots. It's just all kinds of fun for me.

There is more, of course, but how can you write just a few things that define a person? So, I guess this blog is about me and how I see the world around me. And because I love books so much, I want to spend some time highlighting local authors. There is a really strong writing community in Utah, and in the West (even a few back East) and those authors deserve every opportunity for exposure. Come back for more. I'm thinking it would be fun to have my blogging friends "hop" and write just three things that describe them the best. It's not as easy as you'd think;)


  1. LOVE that header! And I love learning more about my friends. :D

    But I hate the captcha you have on. *hint*

  2. Fall is the best! I don't think I could come up with three things about myself if I tried (at least not things that wouldn't send people running). :) Excited to read more about you!


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