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It's Been A While

Hi, there! I can't believe how much time has passed since I last posted on my blog. Well, life happened.

By the end of summer, I knew something was really wrong with me. I had severe nerve pain running down the front of my right leg and intense lower back pain. I couldn't do anything strenuous, like water ski, one of our favorite past times in summer. I remember being so jealous of my son as I watched him ski. He'd learned to slalom the summer before and he had gotten really good. It was bittersweet. I was so happy for him, but so bummed that I couldn't enjoy that sweet, smooth water and glide across the lake one more time before the season ended.

After looking at the MRI taken of my spine, the doctor said I was inoperable. I was shocked! I could not believe that what was wrong with me couldn't be "fixed." I honestly couldn't see any other way to improve my condition and started blubbering like a big, old baby in front of the doc and his P.A. He said…

Severe Discomfort for Your Reader? Good Pacing Will Do That:)

I recently went to see a play called Children of Eden.

My son was an ensemble member of the cast and I was beyond excited to hear his beautiful, Broadway-belt voice open up the second act. "Generations!!!" I think he held that final note for thirty seconds and the quality of the sound had improved since I heard him sing it on opening night. It was deeper, richer and more ebullient. Needless to say, I was one proud mama. He really does have a fantastic voice and I'm not the only one who thinks so. I guess that's the true test of a mother's bias:)

The rest of the play was interesting, too, the action ebbing and flowing, the tension growing, nearly overwhelming, as Cain killed Abel and Noah almost sacrificed Yonah. Then there was forgiveness and hope for a happy future. And then it hit me--this play has great pacing!
Even though I'm familiar with the biblical tales, I was still worried about what was going to happen. I was riveted and then very upset when murder …

Getting in the Zone

Getting in the Zone-- If you're a writer, you know exactly what I mean. 

With all of the distractions that life throws at us, (work, family, friends, responsibilities in general) it's a miracle any one of us can find the time to write at all. You can't exactly get rid of all of life's distractions, (not those ones, anyway:) but they can certainly be tamed. More on that in a minute. The harder part for me when I do finally allow myself writing time is sitting down at my computer, fingers hovering over the keyboard, and I'm staring at a blank page. Or I'm staring at words I've written before that need editing, and I have no idea how to fix them. Nothing comes to mind--nothing! This is when I sigh, bang my head on the desk and desperately want to pull my hair out. However, there is hope despite distractions. Keep reading!

Distraction #1: Let me tell you a little bit about May. I'm a gardener and May is a BIG month for gardeners in Utah. It's planting tim…

I'm the One in the Spotlight!

Hey, come check me out. I'm featured on Juli Caldwell's blog! She's the wonderful author of Psyched, Arms Wide Open, Beyond Perfection and the new Gates of Atlantis series for middle grade readers. There's a snippet from my new novel. I've actually reworked that scene, so it's even better than what's on the blog:)

Dreams Become Stories

What do your dreams look like?

Okay, I admit to featuring her a lot. Wendy Knight. That's right. Wendy has probably appeared on my blog more than any other writer, but there's a good reason for that. Well, she's a fantastic writer (and I don't even like the genre she writes in very much--young adult--just goes to show you that good writing is good writing:) and she is a really fun, amazing, interesting, hardworking author. She puts in the time to get those books out to the public. As of last count, I think she has seven books in print. *Hangs head in shame* I'm still working on that second novel. But I will get there!!!
The funny thing is--I realized although I had featured Wendy's books and revealed covers and other things that so important to authors, especially when they launch a new book, I had never interviewed Wendy before. And, I'm kind of surprised. No other author has given me similar answers.
Here's a link to Wendy's author page on Amazon…

Warrior Everlasting by Wendy Knight

Call me super ecstatic for the release of this new book, Warrior Everlasting by Wendy Knight. The first book in the series, Warrior Beautiful, is one of my favorite books, ever! I LOVED the unicorns. I know some people are like, wait, unicorns, really? But they are FIERCE, fighting beasts! Not sugary little rainbow creatures. I also really enjoyed the tension between Scout and Trey. There's so much going on there and I loved how the story unfolded to tell us exactly why they have such problems to overcome. And last, but certainly not least, is the love that Scout has for her sister, Lil Bit. It's just all around a really wonderful book that ends on a cliffhanger, so I'm really excited to see how Warrior Everlasting will answer all the questions Warrior Beautiful left open.
I left a review of Warrior Beautiful on Goodreads, in case you'd like to check that out. Shantal on Goodreads
Here is the beautiful cover, which I love.

Warrior Everlasting Blurb:
Fighting alongside …

Cover Reveal for Sherry Gammon

The funny thing is, I double-booked my blog for today. How often does that happen? Anyway, I didn't think it would hurt a bit to feature Mikey Brooks during the day and Sherry Gammon at night.  Crazy first day of April--no joke;)
Here is Sherry's beautiful new cover for her book which will be published soon, very soon, fans of the Port Fare series. For now, just look, admire and anticipate.

Hey, I'm on a blog tour for Mikey Brooks. How cool is that?

I am pleased and happy to be a part of a blog tour for Mikey Brooks. I got to do a book signing with Mikey last summer and, wow, what a sweet, charming guy. Who doesn't love Mikey? He and my sister, Juli Caldwell (another wonderful writer), and three other authors are combining their efforts to write a Gate of Atlantis series for middle grade readers. I'm guessing the series will be a stellar success. With Mikey's new release, The Stone of Valhalla, you will certainly get a good idea of what's to come. Go buy books for your children. It's a must for the future of society! Well, it is. He's an awfully talented guy. Good luck, Mikey!