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Highlighting Konstanz Silverbow Today

Konstanz is a puzzle to me. She's so young, yet it seems like she's been writing for ages. She writes YA fantasy and loves Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit (that might explain that cool dragon she wears on her shoulder:) She's got some pretty stellar reviews for her book, Only Half Alive, and just finished another book that she has been working on for eight years. She is definitely a hard-working, prolific writer.

1)To me, you are the master of using social media to generate buzz for your book. Where do you get your ideas? A: I watch and I learn. I follow hundreds of other authors. I have been for years. So I watch and see what works and what doesn't.
2)Tell us about "Only Half Alive." How did the idea develop? A: Funny enough, I just had this idea of what if everything we knew about paranormal creatures was wrong? What if everything was backwards? It developed from that into this demon who wanted to be good, who didn't want to be the bad guy. And from that …
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The First Author Highlight of 2014--Erin Ann McBride

Hey friends and fellow writers,

I'm pleased to highlight Erin Ann McBride. Aside from being my sister's bestie, she is a terrific romance writer. Erin Ann has been a working girl her whole life and has had some amazing experiences that she puts to good use in her books. I also really enjoy her sense of fantasy and how epic it can be for a couple to go to a great place and just enjoy each other and fall in love. She's a real techie and includes the savvy use of the internet and gadgets into her novels, which I find extremely interesting, because, let's face it, I'm awful with technical stuff. If it works, I'm good.

1) You write romance, but your characters are enmeshed in the high tech world of journalism and how the internet affects their lives. It's almost like the internet is a MC in your stories. How did you develop that idea?

There isn't an aspect of my life that media/internet/technology isn't a part of, so it comes naturally to incorporate it …

Does It Really Work? A "Good Things That Happen" Jar?

Happy New Year!
I hope 2014 is the year that brings all your dreams and hard work to fruition. 
Last year was kind of tough on me. The hardest thing was letting go of my son as he embarked on a two year mission for the LDS church. He's been gone for almost four months. Only 20 more to go, right? I got this. *deep breath* I don't care what anyone says, that the time is flying by. To the parents, it's just not so. They have been the longest four months of my life. But we are hanging in there and so very proud of him for sacrificing two years of his life in the service of others. It's a rare trait in this day and age to find young people who will focus outside of themselves.

Early last year, I realized that I had been emphasizing the negative aspects of my life, probably for a couple of years, rather than remembering all the great things I've going, so I started filling up a jar last year looking for "Good Things That Happen." 

Here's mine before my youngest…