The First Author Highlight of 2014--Erin Ann McBride

Hey friends and fellow writers,

I'm pleased to highlight Erin Ann McBride. Aside from being my sister's bestie, she is a terrific romance writer. Erin Ann has been a working girl her whole life and has had some amazing experiences that she puts to good use in her books. I also really enjoy her sense of fantasy and how epic it can be for a couple to go to a great place and just enjoy each other and fall in love. She's a real techie and includes the savvy use of the internet and gadgets into her novels, which I find extremely interesting, because, let's face it, I'm awful with technical stuff. If it works, I'm good.

1) You write romance, but your characters are enmeshed in the high tech world of journalism and how the internet affects their lives. It's almost like the internet is a MC in your stories. How did you develop that idea?

There isn't an aspect of my life that media/internet/technology isn't a part of, so it comes naturally to incorporate it in my writing. Since I try to write "real" romance, (my characters have flaws and realistic responses, even if their scenarios aren't completely common), that means involving the real world, and the real world is often online now.

2) In your Cam and Hailey series, I can tell Cam is modeled after Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice, if Mr. Darcy were a very famous broadcast journalist. Where does crazy Hailey come from?

Ah, close! But not quite!
Cam is based very much on an actual real-life journalist who shall remain nameless. Haley is me. She's from my hometown, works for an employer that sounds a lot like mine and physically sounds a lot like me. Haley is what I would/could be if my real life conversations could involve a backspace key.

3) You've got a full-time job in the nation's capital. How do find time to write?
Honestly, I wrote my first 2 books in the Haley series while I was mostly under- and unemployed. I've barely managed to get anything written since starting a full-time job again. But I'm working on it.
Writing is my release. It's my escape from reality. I'd rather write than watch TV. And sometimes I'd rather escape to my imaginary writing world than hang out in the real world.

4) When it comes to outlining, do you fly by the seat of your pants and see what turns up or do you plan it out before you ever sit down to draft?

I write when the mood strikes. When I feel inspired to write or I'm in the zone, nothing will stop me! I can write for hours without coming up for air.

But sometimes you just aren't feeling inspired or you just don't know what to write next. That's when I turn to outlining. I usually have the whole story worked out in my head. I put it into an outline when I need to shape it up and figure out what is missing. If anything, outlining usually comes at the end for me. Or is the sign I'm about to scrap what I was working on and go in a different direction.

5) Do you have a writing routine, like writing at a certain time of day or listening to music?
For some reason the writing bug bites me around 9 pm at night, and usually after ice cream. I'll put on some music (usually Maroon 5, or classical, even though I don't really know why) just to block out the world around me.
I can't write at a desk to save my life. I prefer to always write on my laptop, and usually in bed. I've spent days on end in my bed and pajamas to get something finished. You'll never find me in a library or office space pecking away.

Erin Ann McBride is a writer, dreamer, and single woman. By day she works in marketing, and by night she hunts unicorns and writes romantic novels, “You Heard It Here First,” ( and the sequel “This Just In!” ( And somewhere in the middle, she runs And if you really want to keep on her social life, you can always find her at the Story of a Nice Mormon Girl (


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