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Recently, I discovered a group of women writers called Dauntless who work together to market their books. I desperately wanted to be in this group, because for me, the easier part of writing a book is the writing, definitely not the selling. I feel rather sheepish about that. I know, I know! I've got to get used to the fact that if I want readers to read and enjoy my book, I've got to sell it. Yeah, yeah:) I know a few of the writers personally, and they are the best kind of people on the planet, and so I thought becoming a part of Dauntless would be a good opportunity for me to watch the masters at work, so to speak. They are all successful writers and are very creative with marketing. I have already learned so much from them as I rack up a list of things I'd like to do when my next book is ready for launch. I'm thinking this summer:)

Amber Argyle is a member of Dauntless. I haven't had the opportunity to meet her in person yet, but she is a doll online, and she has written a number of successful YA books that look very interesting. She also wanted you all to know that Witch Song is free and Winter Queen is on sale for 99 cents until the 14th. So, go get 'em while they're hot!!!

I enjoy author interviews because I love learning about how the writing process differs from writer to writer, which is very helpful to me. If you're interested in books I've reviewed, please find me on Goodreads.

Don't you just love this?
1) What attracted you to write in the YA genre?

I love writing YA because teenagers are still discovering life--they have their first loves, make their first choices with lasting consequences, and discover who they are. I also appreciate that young adult is generally cleaner. 

2) How do you develop your characters?

I've used lots of methods. For Brusenna (Witch Song/Witch Born), I used avatars. Brusenna is a Irish wolfhound (loyal, self sacrificing, and brave). Joshen is a horse (he carries Senna throughout the novel). For Lilette (Witch Rising/Witch Fall), I used a metaphor of a falling star. Lilette is the falling star, her love interest, Han, is the darkness around the star. Everyone else tries to use her, Han simply let's her shine. For Winter Queen, I used the Hartman personality scale. Ilyenna is a blue/white. Rone is a red/white.

3) How do you find time to write? Do you work full-time? Are you a mommy full-time?

I'm a full time mommy of three people in small bodies (4-11). I write when the 4 YO is at preschool and whenever else I can squeeze in some time. 

4) How long does it usually take you to write a full-length book? What about the editing process?

I'm faster than I used to be (plotting is my best friend/worst enemy). My last book took me just over a year. My current book (Summer Queen) is turning out to be much faster. My goal is to put out one full length and two short stories this year. 

5) Tell us about your books and what inspired you to write your stories down.

Lots of things. Witch Song started with one paragraph: "I am a witch. As was my mother before me and her mother before that." Ironically, I eventually cut that line. But I started building my magical system (witches who sing to control nature) and my characters. 
The next two books are based on a minor character from the first two books. 

Winter Queen came to me as a very strong image of a girl dying as the snow fell gently around her, covering the carnage of her death in a blanket of pure white. I knew this girl had been deeply wronged, and she didn't fear death--in some ways she welcomed it. But she would survive and the whole world would be changed because she lived. 

Amber Argyle is the #1 bestselling author of the Witch Song and Fairy Queens series. In her novels, good always triumphs over evil. Though sometimes just barely.

Author of the Witch Song and Fairy Queen trilogies


  1. I love writing (and reading) YA for the same reasons. Everything is more exciting, more heartbreaking, more devastating when it happens for the first time. First love, first kiss, first heartbreak. And I'm a big fan of good triumphing over evil :)


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