Singled out by Grammarly?

It was kind of crazy. I got this email from someone at Grammarly telling me that he'd read some of my reviews (not sure if he spotted me on my blog or on Goodreads) and that he thought I would be a good candidate for Grammarly's Blogger Partnership program.

At first, I didn't believe it all. Why would a big company like Grammarly even look at my stuff? It was flattering in an odd way. I guess I've minded my "p's" and "q's" so to speak. And I suppose that's a good thing, since I'm writing another book and it's always wise to have proper grammar in a situation like that ;) I was so worried that the invitation might not be legit that I checked all of the links and made sure this guys's email really was from Grammarly. See? It was making me kind of crazy.

Now that I know this is for real, why should I push Grammarly? What's in it for me? Isn't that the first thing everyone asks nowadays? That's not how I operate. I'm happy to share things and to give back to people who have  been generous with me. However, I do highlight local authors and give readers a chance to become familiar with writers they've never heard of before. I had to ask myself, "What's the difference?" They're both selling something, right?

Here's why I'm willing to help promote Grammarly. I believe our language is slowly dying. There are many reasons for this, and I couldn't possibly name them all, but I do know that part of the problem is technology. Texting alone makes it so easy for us to communicate in shorthand that I think people who don't "have" to write for their jobs have quite forgotten how to use our language well. It turns out our schools, in some cases, aren't doing such a great job, either. I hate to say it, because I spend an awful lot of time volunteering in public schools, but the ability to write well for most people (for those who aren't required to write for work or school) is often lost between high school and college, and sometimes even between college and the work place. Here's an article from Forbes about how the problem is absolutely epidemic.

To be honest, I'm glad there is program available for those who have a hard time with writing, who find grammar tedious and can't remember how to do it right. Let's face it. Our language is difficult; there are rules and all the exceptions to the rules! Grammarly is a perfect fit for that. Grammarly is also a perfect fit for someone like me, who thinks I've remembered all the rules, and am mortified when I've missed something so obvious it should've jumped off the page and smacked me across the face. Case in point: on the first page of Agency, I wrote lightening for lightning. There is a difference:) Luckily, I caught it before it went to print.

There you go, Grammarly. Enjoy!


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