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Cover Reveal for Sherry Gammon

The funny thing is, I double-booked my blog for today. How often does that happen? Anyway, I didn't think it would hurt a bit to feature Mikey Brooks during the day and Sherry Gammon at night.  Crazy first day of April--no joke;)
Here is Sherry's beautiful new cover for her book which will be published soon, very soon, fans of the Port Fare series. For now, just look, admire and anticipate.

Hey, I'm on a blog tour for Mikey Brooks. How cool is that?

I am pleased and happy to be a part of a blog tour for Mikey Brooks. I got to do a book signing with Mikey last summer and, wow, what a sweet, charming guy. Who doesn't love Mikey? He and my sister, Juli Caldwell (another wonderful writer), and three other authors are combining their efforts to write a Gate of Atlantis series for middle grade readers. I'm guessing the series will be a stellar success. With Mikey's new release, The Stone of Valhalla, you will certainly get a good idea of what's to come. Go buy books for your children. It's a must for the future of society! Well, it is. He's an awfully talented guy. Good luck, Mikey!