Dreams Become Stories

What do your dreams look like?

Okay, I admit to featuring her a lot. Wendy Knight. That's right. Wendy has probably appeared on my blog more than any other writer, but there's a good reason for that. Well, she's a fantastic writer (and I don't even like the genre she writes in very much--young adult--just goes to show you that good writing is good writing:) and she is a really fun, amazing, interesting, hardworking author. She puts in the time to get those books out to the public. As of last count, I think she has seven books in print. *Hangs head in shame* I'm still working on that second novel. But I will get there!!!

The funny thing is--I realized although I had featured Wendy's books and revealed covers and other things that so important to authors, especially when they launch a new book, I had never interviewed Wendy before. And, I'm kind of surprised. No other author has given me similar answers.

Here's a link to Wendy's author page on Amazon. Definitely check her out.

1) How do you come up with all your great story ideas? 

Honestly, most of them are dreams. Feudlings was inspired by my outrage that a princess in a children’s book had to be saved by a boy. But most of my new releases all come from dreams—or more accurately—nightmares.
2) How do you develop your characters? 
I daydream the story a lot before I actually write anything down. So by the time I start writing, I feel like I’m already great friends with my characters and I know what they want and what scares them.
3) Are you a pantster or do you do serious outlining before you ever sit down to write? 
I’m not a pantser at all, but I don’t outline, either. I daydream, so the entire story is there in my head, but I don’t ever write it down, just in case I want to change things.
4) What inspired you to write about unicorns? 
I have been obsessed with unicorns since I was tiny. Growing up, my entire bedroom was covered in unicorns—posters on the wall, figurines on my shelves. I’ve always thought they were so beautiful, and I wanted to write a story that fit the unicorns in my head—not the pastel my little ponies, but big, powerful demon-hunters.
5) You're a mama to three little cuties. When do you get most of your writing done? 
At night. I try to work during the day but it just doesn’t happen when I have legos being thrown at my head or dollies who need to be dressed immediately. So I write at night, after they (and my adorable husband) all go to bed and the house is super quiet.


  1. Thanks for the fun questions, Shantal!

  2. Loved this interview. More fun than others i have read.

  3. I get a lot of "input" from dreams also.
    Never cared much about unicorns, but I always liked horses.
    I notice she didn't ask you anything about snacks. How can you have an interview without discussing snacks?

    1. Good point, Jeff. I will make sure I ask that in the future. Maybe Wendy will answer here. Wwweeennnddddyyy? What kind of snacks do you eat while you're writing?;)


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