It's Been A While

Hi, there! I can't believe how much time has passed since I last posted on my blog. Well, life happened.

By the end of summer, I knew something was really wrong with me. I had severe nerve pain running down the front of my right leg and intense lower back pain. I couldn't do anything strenuous, like water ski, one of our favorite past times in summer. I remember being so jealous of my son as I watched him ski. He'd learned to slalom the summer before and he had gotten really good. It was bittersweet. I was so happy for him, but so bummed that I couldn't enjoy that sweet, smooth water and glide across the lake one more time before the season ended.

After looking at the MRI taken of my spine, the doctor said I was inoperable. I was shocked! I could not believe that what was wrong with me couldn't be "fixed." I honestly couldn't see any other way to improve my condition and started blubbering like a big, old baby in front of the doc and his P.A. He said, "I know you've got a lot of things going wrong here, but it isn't just your back, so tell me what else hurts, even just a little bit." After wiping my tears and trying not to sniffle too much, I pointed to my hip. He said, "Let's get an MRI of the hip and see what happens."

I got a nerve conduction test by another doc, (just to make sure there's no nerve damage--none, btw) who's just poking the beejeebers out of my legs with needles and giving me little jolts of electricity. It doesn't happen very often to me, but I really wanted to smack him. That is a downright awful thing to do to a human being. So, he's looking at the computer and see's the results of the hip MRI. "Oh, you're not going to like this," he said. "You're definitely going to miss the ski season (Utah: greatest snow on earth). Six month recovery."

Yeah, just what I wanted to hear, but I also desperately wanted to get better so I was pretty much ready for anything. The MRI found a torn labrum on the hip joint, on a radius from 9-2. That's almost half way around. No wonder I could hardly walk. There was also a very large cyst and bone spur caused by the injury. So, I went to the doc the back guys recommended and opted for surgery. It took 4 hours and he said it was the hardest hip arthroscopy he'd ever done.

I was in bed for a couple of weeks and on crutches for a month. You'd think I'd be able to write like crazy while I was laid up, but I was surprisingly unfocused. I think the pain meds messed with my mind. I just couldn't concentrate on anything. My sister was passing a kidney stone at the same time and we both realized how terribly boring we are drugs. I know, weird, huh? Everyone said you'll write great stuff while you're on drugs. So, didn't happen.

I'm finally back on my feet and doing physical therapy (which is completely exhausting) and now it's Christmas. I know, right? No more time for writing until I get a lot of holiday stuff done first.

So, here's my best to you. I hope you have a most joyous holiday season. My first New Year's resolution is be better at posting on my blog. A writer's got to write!


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