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Wishing on Baby Dust by Lydia Winters

I think this is such an interesting topic. I really wanted to help this author spread the word.

Infertility stinks. No one knows that better than Megan. After six years of insanity-inducing hormone drugs and desperate prayers, all she has to show for her efforts are enough negative pregnancy tests to fill a bassinet. All around her women are accidentally getting pregnant—like her star piano student—while Megan remains hopelessly barren. Megan’s never felt so alone. But she’s not the only one struggling.
Christina has just entered the world of infertility, made worse by the fact her husband isn’t ready to be a father. Their marriage, already hanging in the balance, is being torn apart.
Then there’s Kyra, the mother of a precocious three-year-old. She’s shocked to be struggling with secondary infertility. A baby is priceless, but sometimes Kyra feels like she’s being forced to choose which commandment to keep: stay out of debt, or multiply and replenish the earth.
When Megan an…

What Did I Read Last Year? Really?

Talk about a kick in the pants. Yeah, you're gonna hear what I read last year. Bet ya can't wait;)

 It's just what I needed to get going on my blog again.

My critique group, called Writer's Ramble, is focusing on what we all read last year. I'm not sure I'm ready to give out this information. It feels like I'm opening up about something that's a bit too personal. As if anyone bats an eye about that anymore. I guess it's public enough. I do have a Goodreads account, after all:)

Here's what I know for a fact about my reading habits. Since, I'm writing a book about a princess, much of my reading has been devoted to that, researching what I can about when they lived, their lives and the problems that they encounter and must solve.

Another aspect of my reading is has to do with my husband. We like to talk about books, so there are murder mysteries, detective novels and courtroom dramas.

And last, but not least, I enjoy reading books that my frien…