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Happy Spring!

Today is a great day, not only because it's the first day of Spring, but because I have great news! 

I recently finished the second draft of my book and it is getting rave reviews from beta readers. 

I plan on attending a romance writers convention in May and will have the opportunity to pitch my book to agents and publishers. Although, I reserve the right to indie publish if I choose to go that route. Many writers are finding enormous success traveling the indie road. We'll see what happens. I want to make the best choice for this little gem of mine.

I've been saving beta reader comments, but the latest I got is from a lady who was really happy to have something good to read while going on a cruise. Here's what she sent me:  "Reading your book on the plane. You are amazing!"

She was only on the first chapter when she sent me that comment:) Yes, she thought the rest of it was wonderful, too. In fact, we talked on the phone the other night and she had all these qu…