Happy Spring!

Today is a great day, not only because it's the first day of Spring, but because I have great news! 

I recently finished the second draft of my book and it is getting rave reviews from beta readers. 

I plan on attending a romance writers convention in May and will have the opportunity to pitch my book to agents and publishers. Although, I reserve the right to indie publish if I choose to go that route. Many writers are finding enormous success traveling the indie road. We'll see what happens. I want to make the best choice for this little gem of mine.

I've been saving beta reader comments, but the latest I got is from a lady who was really happy to have something good to read while going on a cruise. Here's what she sent me:  "Reading your book on the plane. You are amazing!" 

She was only on the first chapter when she sent me that comment:) Yes, she thought the rest of it was wonderful, too. In fact, we talked on the phone the other night and she had all these questions. Where did the story come from? How do you write those beautiful descriptions? How did you come up with the characteristics for Luke and John Paul (two of my guy characters, who are really a lot of fun).

If you're interested in viewing other beta reader comments, I've stored them on my Facebook and Twitter accounts. You can find them here: 



Last but not least, I think it's quite possible that my book will published this year!!!

Happy Spring!

 Just in case you're wondering, YES, the flowers are from my garden!!!


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