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Who Has the Time?

Do you write during the summer?
Seriously, I don't have a full time job or little kids and I can't seem to find the time.
Send help!

Well, I have my reasons. I'm just not sure they're very good reasons.
1) The month of May: I'm a gardener and it is one of the busiest months of the year for me. Here are a few samples of how things are looking at my place. I especially love flowers that grow in pots.

 Am I right, or am I right? Gorgeous. I love watching them grow all summer.

 2) Travel: My husband is an extraordinary history professor. I'm not just being biased. Ask anyone who knows him. He is gifted. He spent many summers away from home (since when my kids were itty bitty) working for school districts and the Larry Miller Education Foundation taking teachers on history tours.

He really has a knack for making you "feel" the emotion and the power and the significance behind historical events.
One of the teachers on a previous tour told her father how much sh…

Duly Chastised

Am I a lazy blogger or what?
I haven't written since the first day of Spring and I'm lucky to post once a month. Why, you ask? Well, there's this little thing called writing a book that I am always more drawn to, have more passion for, and just want to get done. Blogging gets in the way of that.
But, honestly, no one is going to read my book when it's finally done if I don't cultivate a readership, and more importantly, friends.
That's the big lesson I learned when I attended the Arizona Dreamin' Building the Dream Romance Writers Conference. I normally would not have gone outside of Utah for a conference. Utah has a very large, supportive writing community and there are tons of very fine conferences here, many of which I've attended, learned a lot, and met new writers and friends. 
But Arizona Dreamin' had Camelia Miron Skiba attending and I couldn't miss the opportunity to meet her. 

Why? Well, she's one of my online critique partners. She…