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Writers Have Got to Get Out and Live!

That's right!
We've got to get out in the world and live our lives, or we will have absolutely nothing to write about.
It's just my personal opinion, of course, but it's based on a recent epiphany. My family spends a week at Snowbird every year during the summer. Last year was a rainy year. Not great for outdoor activity, but we made the best of it. We hiked down Gad Valley through the most awesome fog and mist ever, and it was intermingled with rays of sunshine. It was like being in a fantasy novel, so strange, but idyllic all at once. Despite the fact that we got wet, it was so worth it to be in the middle of that natural phenomenon. The next day, a fog filled the canyon. You know like the one in the Ten Commandments with Charleton Heston that represents the Passover? I never thought fog did that, that it was just a Hollywood special effect. But wow, the fog swirled and crept and left droplets over everything. It was soooo cool! And, YES, that fog and mist is going in…