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Thankful, Really, I Am!

I've spent months ignoring my blog.
There's a pretty darn good reason for it. I had hip replacement surgery six weeks ago. I'm getting along better than I have in 18 months, pain free, and walking without a limp (and without assistance). I'm using my Fitbit to gain strength and fitness, but it is slow-going. I have to go by increments because I can't overdo and have muscle flares. I injured a muscle last March that is just now beginning to heal. That's 8 months ago!!! To be honest, my mind has been on my joint problems, which until recently, have been overwhelming. I guess I can cut myself some slack over the whole blog thing.
Health problems aside, I still go the rounds in my mind: "If you want to be an author, Shantal, and get people interested in you and your work, you've got to be more of a presence in the online world, ENGAGE, and make friends with people." 
I just read a blog by Jami Gold who reiterated this same point. I love that she is grate…