Thankful, Really, I Am!

I've spent months ignoring my blog.

There's a pretty darn good reason for it. I had hip replacement surgery six weeks ago. I'm getting along better than I have in 18 months, pain free, and walking without a limp (and without assistance). I'm using my Fitbit to gain strength and fitness, but it is slow-going. I have to go by increments because I can't overdo and have muscle flares. I injured a muscle last March that is just now beginning to heal. That's 8 months ago!!! To be honest, my mind has been on my joint problems, which until recently, have been overwhelming. I guess I can cut myself some slack over the whole blog thing.

Health problems aside, I still go the rounds in my mind: "If you want to be an author, Shantal, and get people interested in you and your work, you've got to be more of a presence in the online world, ENGAGE, and make friends with people." 

I just read a blog by Jami Gold who reiterated this same point. I love that she is grateful for blogging for the simple reason that she's been able to make friends. Isn't that what this whole social media thing is about, anyway? Here's a link to her blog:

Amazingly enough, I have been able to do some writing, even through the pain and haze of recovering from surgery (could be my best writing yet;) Here's what I wrote on my Facebook author page today:

"So, Book 1 is going through the critique group rounds and not getting hammered too badly. A few plot inconsistencies that are easy to correct. Book 2 is coming right along. I'm working on the 9th chapter and it will be fun to write. It will be sweet, sexy, romantic and memorable for my characters. The more I think about it, the more ideas keep coming and the more excited I am to put it together. Happy Thanksgiving weekend!!! Write, write, write!"

The least I could do is post my updates here, too. That's a start!

I'm grateful for the ability to write and to tell stories. It has definitely kept me sane as I endured two surgeries (a year apart, one successful, one not) and countless episodes of physical therapy. Getting back into shape is going to be quite a journey. I have a great desire point my skis downhill and go inhumanly fast again. Call it my addiction.

I'm grateful for my family and the lovely home we share. I have great memories here; they make me smile.

There's so much more. It's impossible to list them all. As my son said on Thanksgiving Day, "There's too much to be specific, mom. I'm grateful for everyone and everything." I couldn't help but agree. I hope that you're feeling just as blessed and fortunate. Here are few things that top my list.

We had to chop down some aging willows and got a new, sunny garden space. We grew so many pumpkins. Mmm, pumpkin cookies and pie are divine.

My son played Editor Webb in Our Town (seen there with the mustache) and I grew to love the play and the message:"We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures." Thornton Wilder

Best birthday gift ever!

Need I say they my boys are my greatest treasures?

What are your treasures? Let's talk!


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