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I'm Sad to Hear This

We don't think of 69 as old anymore. I guess that's why it was such a shock to hear of Alan Rickman's passing. He made such great contributions to the world through his acting, and had that amazingly singular voice. I don't believe we'll hear another like it ever. What I admire more about him is love of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter books. I feel the same way--Always.


I found a new pic for my header and I love it! 
There's something romantic about winter when snow is falling softly.
(And when it's not being a blizzard or freezing rain or ice cold wind--tee hee--okay, okay, there are plenty of things not to love about winter. My sister, who wants to move back to Florida, will finally tell me she's won the argument simply because I admitted it;) 

This pretty new picture reminds me of my book and my princess and how important it is for me to be brave and start looking for agents. It's made the rounds through critique partners and beta readers and I think we are finally close. That's one of the BIG things I've got going, so wish me luck!

I’ve got a big year ahead and it kind of scares me. The last two have really thrown me for a loop and I know I have not completely recovered from the surgeries, don’t know if I have will have the stamina to tackle what’s coming head on. I recently read the parable of The Owl Express. In a raging sno…