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Busy, Busy!!!

So much has been happening!
Here's the the update: I've hired an editor who has been working on my book while I've been overwhelmed with some huge projects.

I haven't been able to write a word for almost a month. Whoa!
Good excuses. Worked on Mary Poppins with one son and got another son home. BIG time for our family, and I wouldn't have missed working on these projects for the world. I'm so grateful for the opportunities. Hopefully, I can spend more time with my story soon. I miss it.

*Shrugs* Life of a writer:)


I know some readers hate them, but in this case, I really think it works.

I finished writing chapter 15 of my sequel and ended on a cliffhanger. I had my son read it because there was a lot of action and I wanted to make sure it worked on a guy level and he said, 
"So, how's your hero gonna get out of that?" 
Oh, I've chosen an editor for my first book, someone who I'm confident understands my story and my writing style and who will bring many good suggestions to the table. I really want this book of mine to shine. I'm really thinking this thing will finally be ready this year.