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Lovin' Summer

Went to see Boston at Usana last Saturday night. Perfect night for a concert with these two boys of mine. If Paul McCartney is a rock-n-roll god (we think so;), then Dennis DeYoung, opening act for Boston (former lead singer for Styx) is a demi god. I thought my boy in the middle might cry tears of joy when he walked on the stage.

Yes, I'm Doing a Hack Job

While I'm hanging out with BOTH sons for the summer, traveling, gardening, boating, hiking, I'm also editing my book. I am down 12,427 words in 17 chapters. I thought I would be closer to 20,000 down that at this point, but there are still a lot of chapters and many more opportunities to hack away. It's amazing how you feel at first; you could never cut a single thing, it's all important. But then you get going and you're like, "You're going down!" Lol! Happy Summer, everyone!


Okay, this whole editing thing is killer! I've cut 5,000 words in 8 chapters so far. If I continue at that pace, I might reach my goal of cutting 20,000 out of 30 chapters. Way harder than I thought. Oh, and I've rewritten the beginning for the 5th time. How ironic is it that I like it better than any of the others? Never thought that would happen!

I'm Back and Ready to Get Going!

Oh, how I've missed this story of mine! Between helping my sons with some of the biggest adventures of their lives (and a bit of travel), I've not been able to pay much attention to my book baby. Now I'm back and feeling quite daunted (gotta rewrite the beginning again--ugh!!!), but I'm ready to tackle this thing.

Book Baby

I accidentally deleted this post. Why??? It shows progress. There's more coming!

Here's my book baby. Over two inches thick and about 30,000 words too long. My editor suggested a stronger inciting incident at the beginning and a bigger punch at the end. I printed it out because I felt my inner English teacher taking over, red pen hovering. I need to read all the chapters together instead of separately, and make my own notes in the margins before I actually edit. I promised an agent I'd have it ready for her this summer. Wish me luck!!!