I hired an editor in the spring, knowing my work in progress had gone way overboard. I wasn't particularly worried about the writing, but I knew the story needed some guidance. I've realized lately that there is much more to writing a novel than the putting the words down. It's almost as if typing the words is the easy part. I've got to learn how to become a better storyteller. I parsed and cut from my MS of 131,000+ words down to 109,090. That's a difference of 21,010. My goal was to get to 110,000 or less. It's been a labor of love. Still can't believe I DID IT!!!

Now to tighten up the beginning, including a stronger inciting incident. Pretty sure I've rocked the last chapter. It's been a bear to tie all the story ends up in a nice little bow.

I'm prepping to send my full MS to an interested agent, so this is quite exciting. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


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