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Plot for Sequel

Since sending my MS to an agent, my mojo has been messed up. To say that I've struggled with plotting for the sequel in my series would be an understatement. I finally got serious and figured out what's going to happen with Blake Snyder's Beat Sheet from Save the Cat. What a lifesaver! I still have lots of room to let the plot go where it will with my imagination, but I have bullet points, people.Yes!!!

The Perfect Title

I'm still searching for the perfect title. This is really eluding me!!!

What book title would you investigate further? The Stars Whispered or Between Flame and Fury? Some explanation: The main character finds solace in the stars and a bit of revelation regarding her role in the war, kind of an epiphany. She's a princess in-between a rock and a hard place. The flame is her secret love and the fury is the war. My mom said, yes I listen to my mom (hey, she reads this genre;) that Between Flame and Fury sounds like a bodice-ripper. She prefers The Stars Whispered. Thoughts?

Help a Girl Out, Will You?

I need your help.
After 5 years of writing, rewriting, editing and revising, this is what my office should look like. Thank heavens for computers. And even after 5 years of being so intimate with my story, it still does not have a title. That's where you come in.

I just sent my edited manuscript, pitch, and query to an agent. She requested a “full” when I pitched my book to her at the Storymakers conference last May, meaning she wants to read the whole darn thing! I’m not expecting miracles, and I’ve thickened my dragon skin, but you never know. To celebrate I’m asking family, friends, and readers who see this post to help me come up with a title. I know, right? I haven’t found a title that I want to wrap my arms around yet. Here are a couple that I’ve bounced around: Renegade Princess and Princess Defiant. I want something more like Warbreakers, but Brandon Sanderson beat me to it.
Here’s the pitch. Let me know what comes to mind in comments. This is not a contest, just hoping yo…