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I Should Be Running on the Beach--I Really Should!

Here's why I'm not.  Don't worry, I'm not sad about it. I'll get my chance;)

I found a wonderful editor, reasonably priced, who will do the final proof read and formatting for my prequel novella and book 1. I feel like running on the beach!!! I wish I could (maybe when I visit my sister in FL this fall). I'll be taking about a month off of writing to tend to my yard. It's spring, people, and the sunshine is calling!!! And we have had some beautiful trees and plants get damaged and die. We really did have a tornado touch down in several places last fall--in Utah--of all places. I'll be doing a lot of new landscaping in addition to my usual spring planting.

It's gonna be hard work, but I'm super happy that I'm still making progress toward publication. Check out Juli Caldwell at oh, how novel. She's an amazing writer and editor.

Because I can't resist, I'll be posting on the progress of both. So, be prepared for FLOWERS!