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I Thought It Had Been a Month . . . Um, It's Been Two

Crikey, as my youngest would say, it's been almost two months since I've posted.
Well, that might explain why it's so popular. Lol! I'm admittedly a terrible blogger. I use it more as a journal to keep a record of what's happening with writing, the publication process, and to show-off the reasons why I haven't been chained to my computer this summer, like every good writer should.
Writing news first: Last I checked in, I had hired an editor to do the final proof reading and formatting for my prequel novella and Book 1. I have struggled with a title for this first in a series. We both just call it Meg's book, because it is about a princess who sneaks out of the castle to help the people of her war torn country. She goes in disguise (of course) and adventure follows, the most exciting of which is meeting a ruggedly handsome soldier that she thinks is in her father's army. Connect the dots on that;) Yes, it's a rather large case of mistaken identity. I…