No More Halloweens to Go!

If you're a missionary mom like me (a mother whose kid is serving a 2 year mission for the LDS Church), then you understand the title of this post perfectly. This is my son's second Halloween from home. He was out just a few months last Halloween. I take great joy in knowing that for the next one, he'll be home. Today was General Conference for the LDS Church and while listening to some very uplifting talks about life and trying to be a better person, I spent my time crafting this little number. He'll give most of the candy away (cuz he's nice like that), but I think he'll enjoy the graphics and know that I've been thinking about him. Hopefully, it will make him smile. I had a blast putting it together, kind of like a scrap book for The Nightmare Before Christmas. Enjoy! Feel free to copy away!

I included pics of ALL the angles so you could see the wording.

Using wording from the film and finding a scary font was one of the best parts of this project.

I really loved the curly-cue and haunted tree graphic. There are pumpkins under the candy that look like they're howling.

My son is a HUGE Beatles fan. I was super excited to find an Abbey Road format with Jack Skellington and followers.
So fun!

Do you have anyone far from home that you're thinking of and worrying about? Let's talk! I'd love to hear some of your care package ideas!


  1. Oh that's so exciting. My own brother is just about to go on a mission.
    And my cousin is just returning.

    1. Bella Bookworm--it is really fun to put these together! Have fun enjoying your brother before he leaves and your cousin when he/she gets home:)


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