My Son Got Married, but I'm Still Editing!

Okay, here's the deal.

I published my little novella titled The Runaway Queen. It's getting lovely reviews. I would love more. Feel free to snag it for free at Instafreebie or Smashwords and all other retail outlets. It's only .99 cents at Amazon. It would also be grand if you signed up for my newsletter. There is a tab on the far right on my homepage:)

So, getting Between Fire and Fury published is taking waaaaay longer than I thought. Of course, it had absolutely NOTHING to do with my son's wedding. Nothing. Ha!

Well, a little. I'd forgotten a friend's birthday in October and she told me not to worry, that weddings take up A LOT of brain space. For realzzz! And I'm the mother of the groom. The mother of the bride must've gone insane. I do happen to know she slept in so long the day after the wedding that her husband was really worried about her;) But she's okay, just got tuckered out.

Here's the update: I just finished correcting all the line editing on Between Fire and Fury today. Hooray! I hired a content editor a year ago and cut about 100 pages, so the focus of the story is razor sharp. Both of my editors and critique group partners have suggested it needs an epilogue. I'm game. It has this amazing, wonderful, romantic ending, but it is abrupt and romance readers will want to have a better sense of my characters' happily ever after. My goal is to get that done by Christmas. I was hoping it would be available for the holidays, but that would be now and I'm just not there yet. But it's so close, I can taste it.

Here are some pics of our special day. As the mother of all sons, getting a really wonderful daughter (in law) is very exciting. My son chose well:) They are a great couple. All you have to do is spend 5 minutes or less with them to see that they are perfect for each other.

My son has always believed he's a superhero. He's trying to ward off the wind for his bride;)

Here's me with my boy. I think he might like me a little;)
Thanks to for her great work on the photos.

And here's proof of all my hard work: 253 pages of line editing DONE! Woo-Hoo!
Almost every page looked like this. I wanted to cry when I first saw it. But now it's clean. Every page is perfect!


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